Zimbabwean Government Sacks Thousands of Nurses On Strike


Want to go on strike, well how about we fire you instead? Today may be Independence Day in Zimbabwe but some of their nurses may not be in the festive mood. Thousands of nurses who refused to work until their demands for higher salaries have been met are currently unemployed.

In a statement issued on Tuesday evening, the vice-president of Zimbabwe, Constantino Chiwenga revealed…

“Government has decided in the interest of patients and of saving lives to discharge all the striking nurses with immediate effect”

Vice-President of Zimbabwe, Constantino Chiwenga. Photo Credit: Reuters

Chiwenga who said the nurses had refused to return to work after $17m/£12m was released to increase their pay and allowance, went further to describe the actions of the nurses as ”deplorable, reprehensible and politically motivated”

He also revealed that unemployed and retired nurses will be hired to replace the ones who have been dismissed.

Apparently, patients were turned away from major hospitals after the nurses began their strike on Monday. This follows the doctors industrial action which lasted several weeks earlier this month.


The Zimbabwe Nurses Association has since responded to the Vice President’s remarks. Check out the press statement below:


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