New Music: Gyidi Drops ‘Believe’ EP


The Excellence Movement is thrilled to announce the release of Gyidi’s debut EP, Believe EP which is currently available on all digital music stores.

Believe EP is an experimental music where the artist, Gyidi, played around various genres with Afro music dominating the EP. Believe is a 5-track EP which talks about the need to trust and own ourselves and our guts. The EP is centered on themes such as Perseverance, Trust and Being Productive.



Below is the track list and credits;

1. Hands Up
Produced by Azey Beats

2. I No Get Time
Featuring HK

Produced by HK

3. Sound Of Music
Featuring MKharis, Pistis, Oheneba, Dzoken, Super Keileb & Foli

4. Fire
Produced by Mac Heyman

5. Nothing New
Produced by Carl Quist



 About the Musician:
Gyidi is a Ghanaian Afro musician who has been in the industry since 2012. Starting as one of the members of a four-man rap group, X4G. Gyidi is managed by The Excellence Movement, a label also on the rise with various unsung artistes putting their resources together for a greater reach.

The year 2012 marked Gyidi’s foray into the music industry, as a member of the four-tag team band, X4G. Releasing their first single, “I’m for God.” In an era where Christian Hip Hop was beginning to gain grounds in this part of the world with pioneers like “MikeMillzOnEm” and “Kingzkid”, the song took form instantly and shot the band into the spotlight. Going on to win “Best Group Performers” at the Ghana Music Awards in Italy 2014. The band released their debut album “I’m for God” in 2014 and followed with “Unlabelled” in 2016. The band though still said to be active, hasn’t released any music since.

Gyidi’s first single outside of the band was Grateful in the year 2016. The singer then released acoustics eminent among them was “Better Half” followed by “PhD”, an Afro-Dance tune which featured AVMB in June 2016. His record “I No Get Time” which was released in 2017 is the official soundtrack for the “3 Mins Max” fun channel hosted by Jessica Powers.

Gyidi believes in harnessing the power of art to build a positive transformation to people and this is the reason why he does music. He is bent on proving everyone that your craft is your way to impact the world in a positive way, and music is no different. Dating back to where it all began, his music always carries a message for the listener, and listening to him is always an opportunity to learn something new as well as be entertained.



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