New Music: Sam Sun Releases ‘PICTURES’



Singer/Songwriter Sam Sun has released a brand new song dubbed PICTURES

“P I C T U R E S” which stands as the new anthem for his upcoming EP, ‘The One’, shows the shady side of being in a relationship, especially when things go from awesome to horrible and it all falls apart and what you only have are the pictures of that special person you cherished.

According to Sam Sun….

“The song is built around an idea which most people have experienced, loving someone unconditionally but in the late of the hour, they’re not the right match for you. It’s hard to move on, arguably the worst of a breakup when you know your ex-lover turns bitter and you can’t deal any more”

The pop jam presents an image of the present setting of life and love in its deepest feeling of a breakup on which Sam admits,
“I got this this feeling in my heart / Burns and bruises tearing it apart / So hard for me to see / You were just playing me girl”…..“All I know is I still have your pictures / The last I have of you”.

Listen to the track below:








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