Blakofe Resigns From GTDC Over Alleged Irregularities


Oheneba Akua Manfo, popularly known as Blakofe has resigned from her role as Deputy CEO of the Ghana Tourist Development Company (GTDC). According to Blakofe, she made the courageous decision to resign because she “wanted to work rather than travel and take per diems.”

Apparently for the past 16 months, she has been receiving her monthly salary without any work done. Blakofe claims she was excluded from carrying out her duties and has also accused her CEO, Kwadwo Antwi of preferring to travel rather than perform his duties.

If you were keeping up with the 2016 Ghana Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, then you will notice that Blakofe was very much involved with the NPP political campaign. In February 2017, President Nana Akufo-Addo appointed Blakofe as the Deputy CEO of the Ghana Tourist Development Company.


Speaking in an interview with Accra based radio station, Hitz FM, Blakofe revealed…

“There are no management meetings. He [Kwadwo Antwi]   just travels, travels and travels. If I see his driver, it means he is in the country but if I don’t see his driver then that means he is not in the country.

“I complained to everybody, they will talk to him…. I tried but I didn’t feel right. It didn’t make sense going to work everyday and taking a salary”

Blakofe also disclosed that ”it was last August that we had our first management meeting”



On Monday Blakofe also shared this post on her Facebook page.







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