DJ Sbu Introduces ‘Hustlers Academy’ To Empower The South African Youth


DJ Sbu aka Sibusiso Leope is putting his entrepreneurial cape on once again.  The South African entertainer has partnered with 3Sixty Financial Services Group to introduce The Hustlers Academy. This initiative aims to educate and empower the youth in South Africa. According to DJ Sbu, the educational system in SA does necessarily equip students with skills such as financial literacy needed to take on entrepreneurial roles.

He said…

“In this type of an academy, if you are willing to sell in the streets, confront people and speak to them, I can train you to be polite, to show people the product, educate them about it, to get them interested in the product, to get them to close sales and make money. I can show you how to make money….I learned selling products at a young age. I used to sell at the family’s spaza, and even now I am still selling my product Mo Faya on the streets. I will teach these young people how to charm people on the streets.”

“We have over 3 000 young people who are selling MoFaya on a daily basis. That influenced me to open the school and teach people how to sell”


Watch DJ Sbu share more deets about Hustlers Academy


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