Good News! DJ Abrantee Has Been Discharged From The Hospital

DJ Abrantee is still on the road to recovery. The good news is that he has been discharged from the hospital but will continue to receive private care. In April 2018, it was reported that the Ghanaian-British DJ was recovering after suffering a stroke since August 2017.  A Go Fund Me account was even set up by his friends to support the London-based DJ’s rehabilitation process.




As of today, £18,775 has been raised out of their £40,000 goal. (You can still donate via: )

DJ Abrantee has been sharing his recovery journey on social media. A few days ago, he posted an image with the caption:

”Somehow someway, I believed that I would walk again and walk myself out of the hospital instead of the wheelchair they had planned for the rest of my life. My family, mrs and Pastor Albert drilled it in my ear daily that I would walk out of the hospital. It was then, that i realised one of my greatest assets as a human; DETERMINATION to succeed! Determination to keep fighting and never giving up in order to achieve what was deemed impossible after the stroke.”




Do remember to keep him in your prayers as he receives private care. By the way, shoutout to May7ven. The Afrobeats star and girlfriend of DJ Abrantee has been by his side through it all.


May7ven even shared a heartfelt message on social media. Take a peep below:

”#MCM on a tuesday…@djabrantee aka IronMan. Every now and then, I have to remind the world how incredible you are. They say that LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe; and you have let love pull you through the most traumatic & life altering experience you have ever faced. Whilst such tragedy can cause worlds to collide, volcanos to erupt & major power outages of disastrous situations, things, relationships with friends, foes & even family; you, LET your faith & love be your guide enabling GOD to do what only he does best! The world only get to witness your ‘persona/PERSONALITY’ (cheeky, charming, ambitious, flirtatious, strong being) who you wanted them to see and believe that you are, whilst I have the pleasure to know your CHARACTER (both awesome & bad), great love, soul and incredible strength that you show especially when you think nobody is looking. We have shared what feels like a life time together with every day still feeling brand new through sicknesses, pain, war and through it all, somehow still standing strong calling me your boo – wasn’t meant to be a song but…yh With all my love xxx you ARE healed & restored in the mighty & wonderful name of JESUS Congratulation reaching your NEW phase of recovery”

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