Let’s Take A Glimpse Into Bonang Matheba’s Exquisite Home

Who wants to get a sneak peak into Bonang Matheba’s new home? I know I do. The South African media personality recently gave Top Billing (a TV show on SABC3) the opportunity to invade her space. The Top Billing cameras captured all angles of  Matheba’s Waterfall Country Estate house



If you aspire to be like the Queen Bee, Bonang Matheba also shared a few tips for anyone trying to follow in her footsteps. She said…

”Give yourself time, give yourself patience. I am a person that writes down goals and objectives, things that I wanna do with my life. I always find when you write things down it becomes visual, something that you see everyday that constantly reminds you to keep working hard and also a lot of patience. I find that you need to be kind of patient with your success, it takes about four or five years to create and build an overnight success.”




From her fabulous closet to her stunning interior designs, watch the full feature below:


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