CNN’s Christiane Amanpour And Husband Jamie Rubin Are Divorcing After 20 Years


Is there such a thing as an amicable divorce? Well Christiane Amanpour and husband Jamie Rubin are kissing marriage goodbye after 20 years. According to Washington Post, the couple who have an 18-year-old son together, are still good friends.

Amanpour and Rubin got married in Rome in 1998. The CNN host apparently met her hubby in Bosnia in 1997 while she was on an assignment as chief international correspondent for CNN and Jamie was traveling with US Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright.


Rubin, 58, is allegedly in Washington working as a consultant for the lobbying firm Ballard Partners while Amanpour, 60, lives in London where she works as the host of CNN’s global affairs show Amanpour, and even recently took over Charlie Rose’s spot after the journalist was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women.


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