”Forgiveness Is The Gift You Give Yourself” – DJ Zinhle Talks AKA, New Book & More.


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DJ Zinhle is now a published author. As part of her promo for her new book titled Meeting Your Power: Returning Home To Yourself (which she co-wrote with career and personal coach Nokubonga Mbanga), the South African disk jockey was on Durban-based radio station, East Coast Radio where she talked about the after math of her public break-up, her baby Kairo and if she is still in love with AKA.


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On letting go of the past, she said:

”Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself, so I had to forgive everyone. Because the longer you hold on to anger or resentment, it doesn’t affect anyone else but you”


AKA apparently admitted on the same radio station that he was still in love with DJ Zinhle. When asked about what she thought about her baby daddy’s remarks, Zinhle revealed:

” I gave him a nice baby, he better be”


On if she will ever get back together with the rapper, DJ Zinhle said:

” I dunno, I am still tryna rediscover the love thing”


Watch the full interview below:


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