Joselyn Dumas Talks About How Many Personalities In The Ghanaian Creative Industry Are Taken For Granted


Joselyn Dumas

If you work in the creative industry you have probably heard the famous ”do it for the exposure” phrase. For someone like Joselyn Dumas who has obviously paid her dues in the Ghanaian entertainment scene that notion should not apply to her right? Well the actress and TV personality who recently called out organizers of 3 Music Awards for not paying her after she hosted the event’s maiden edition back in March is out here airing her frustrations.


In an interview on Accra-based radio station, Hitz FM, Dumas spoke candidly about how Sadiq Abdulai (Organizer of 3 Music Awards) had been ignoring her calls after the event and also discussed the popular pattern of how many creatives in Ghana are taken for granted. Joselyn went on to discuss how some women in the entertainment space are classified as ‘Ashawobrities’ (celebrities who sleep with people for money)

Joselyn Dumas


On Ghanaian creatives being taken for granted, she shared:

“This is what we know and do for a living. This is why our industry is actually suffering because nobody is paying for anything. Everybody is taking everyone for granted in the industry. When you hire a talent pay the person because my talent is what I’m offering to the table and your payment is what you’re bringing to the table… I’ve been able to fulfill my bargain, fulfill yours too.”

“It’s not easy out there…Contrary to what people think, a lot of us in the industry are making an honest living and this is how we make our living so if you don’t pay, how am I going to live. You call us ‘Ashawobrities’ and claim there is no celebrity in Ghana. How do you expect some of us to live and survive if you don’t pay us what is owed us and because you feel like the talent is not tangible so you’re not going to pay me or someone sitting there will think, why are you giving this girl this amount for just talking. But it’s not just talking. Even when you go out, you pay for the dress you wear and might not be able to repeat same dress at other places, the make up artist, your hair are all paid for and by the time you’re done that cheque you’re getting, you’re spending one-third of it.”



On Sadiq Abdulai:

“I even do emceeing for free sometimes but it’s all about communication. I’ve been trying to be civil with this gentleman (Sadiq Abdulai) and I know him and worked with him and he is an amazing person who believes in the arts but at the end of the day, you can’t play with my daily bread.”



Check out an excerpt from the interview below:





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