Watch: Gabrielle Union Talks About Miscarriages

Gabrielle Union

Photo Credit: Essence

Gabrielle Union is bravely spilling some intimate deets about her life. The Hollywood actress has apparently had close to 9 miscarriages. In a recent appearance on the Dr. Oz Show, Gabrielle Union said:

”Initially I didn’t know what the issue was, I got off birth control, I got married and I was ready to start a family. I didn’t think there was going to be any problem and there was. I was having these early miscarriages some from IVF and some just naturally happening on our own”

Gabrielle Union
Photo Credit: Essence

Mrs Wade also disclosed that, she lost track of the number of miscarriages, she said ”It is some where like 8 or 9…. the first one was the most brutal, because we told people and we were so excited. You dream of those moments and those dreams were just crashed.”

Watch the excerpt below:






In her new book ‘We’re Going to Need More Wine,’ Gabrielle Union also opened up about her struggles with IVF and fertility issues and even revealed that at first she wasn’t interested in having kids but she changed her mind once she became a stepmom to the sons of her husband, Dwayne Wade.


God willing she will finally have kids of her own soon.


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