Oheneyere Gifty Anti Reveals Her Pastors Were ‘Not Happy’ About Her Marriage


Oheneyere Gifty Anti and her hubby, Nana Ansah Kwao IV brought their romance to our TV screens. The seasoned media personality was recently interviewed by her husband on his show; PM Express

Gifty Anti now known as Oheneyere Awo Dansoa opened up about married life, the reason why her pastors were apprehensive about her marrying a chief and also her life as a mother, feminist and gender activist.

Gifty who surprised many fans when she announced that she was pregnant at 47, revealed she is very content with having one child and that she receives many social media comments about having another baby.

Peep a few excerpts from the interview below:



On how she felt during her wedding:

”It was very emotional. I remember, I really cried…. I was all very surreal. I have seen weddings, I have seen marriages but how that one took place, I still sometimes can’t believe it. The dignity, the respect, the honour. How all these elderly people are suddenly getting up for you because you are no more Gifty Anti you are now Oheneyere, you are now Awo Danso. It was very very emotional and every time I remember I get very emotional and sometimes I wish my dad had witnessed it. My dad was somebody who loved culture”


On what she would have done differently:

” Nothing, except that I would have found a way of wearing a white gown. I still am not pleased that I didn’t wear a white gown”

On if she has any regrets and if she will ever marry a chief in another lifetime:

”First of all I will pray a lot about it and ask a lot of questions around chieftaincy and what it takes to be a chief’s wife before I say yes but I have no regrets marrying the chief that I am married to.”


On her pastors:

”It was tough, the whole idea of going to marry a chief, there were a lot of my spiritual fathers who were not happy, they were really not happy but a few of them also said ‘Maybe God is sending you there for a purpose. God knows why it had to be him because you had said no to many but this one you said yes, this one you are willing to go. We have all prayed for you to get married, we have all prayed for you to settle so if God says you should go”




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