Ozwald Boateng To Design New Uniforms For British Airways Ahead of 100th Anniversary


British Airways is turning 100 years and as part of the celebrations, the international airline has recruited Ozwald Boateng to design new uniforms for its 32,000 uniform-wearing employees across the world.

The Ghanaian-British fashion designer says he is ”excited about creating the new uniform for such an iconic brand” and wants ”to create a personalised experience” between what he ”creates and what the wearer experiences.”



Chairman and Chief Executive of British Airways, Alex Cruz revealed in a press statement that:

“Our uniforms have been an iconic symbol of our brand throughout our 100-year history and our partnership with Ozwald will take us forward to the next chapter in our journey.”


Can’t wait to see what Ozwald Boateng comes up with!



Apparently the company is also looking to make passengers more comfortable by investing nearly $5.3 billion in improved Wi-Fi, new interiors in long-haul aircraft and 72 new aircraft, among other things.

Hope those ‘other things’ means cheaper airfares.


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