Review: Ethiopian Airlines & Beer Garden Hotel in Addis Ababa (Top Spots)


Hey there, hope your day is going well. I have a brand new episode of Top Spots just for you. This time around, I review Ethiopian Airlines and also hit the streets of Addis Ababa where I share a quick review of my experience at Beer Garden Hotel.




Ethiopian Airlines has been running for the past 100 years and it is Africa’s largest airline. So it is only right I find out what makes them so special (besides their relatively cheaper airfares šŸ™‚ ). Ethiopian Airlines flies to Accra, Lagos, Sudan, Nairobi, Paris, London Washington, Rome, Brussels, Beijing, Bangkok, Chicago, Toronto among a host of others.

Flew to London with my mother via Ethiopian Airlines Economy Class during the summer, mainly because we were on a budget and the last minute direct flight prices wasn’t looking that pretty. (If you know what I mean).



I was pleasantly surprised when I boarded the flight because the seats and interior was really nicer than I expected. In-flight entertainment was okay, even though I would have loved more Ghanaian content since it is an African airline after all.

With regards to the in-flight essentials, socks, sleep mask, toothpaste and toothbrush were not given during our 6 hour flight from Accra to Addis Ababa and we also had to request for blankets. Our 7 hours 40 mins flight from Addis Ababa to London already had blankets provided.

The big let down for me during my Accra to Addis Ababa flight was when the cabin crew member gave me beef instead of chicken with rice during meal time. I thought it was an honest mistake, so I asked, she then told… ”chicken is finish.” She could have at least told me before she served, don’t you agree? What if I don’t eat beef?




I will describe Addis Ababa’s Bole International Airport as nice and modern. There were some really nice on-ground staff and a couple of very horrible ones too. They do need to work on their elevator cause your home girl almost got stuck! Had to pretty much press every dang letter and number until the doors opened (so note to myself, never jump on an elevator in a foreign country alone)




Got the opportunity to hit the streets of Addis Ababa. I will describe the East African city as lovely. Just like most cities, there are the beautiful parts and the not so nice parts. We stayed in a hotel called Beer Garden. We paidĀ Ā£80 for two rooms (Well it wasĀ Ā£78 but never had ourĀ Ā£2 change). This was for one day.




According to Beer Garden’s website, they are a 3-star Ethio-German Hotel. It is called Beer Garden because, the hotel brews its own beer (I am not too sure about this info so don’t shoot me if it is not true). The hotel has a nice bar, restaurant and also provides wifi and laundry services.

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor



The hotel booking entitled us to one meal and since we arrived at lunch time, I ordered Spaghetti Bolognese and my mum ordered Shredded Chicken with Rice. We were served with a bowl of salad as a starter. Honestly, the salad could have done away with the vinegar, it was a lot! Both of our meals were just standard.




The rooms on the other hand were nice and also had a lovely balcony (prefect for an Instagram selfie) Beer Garden hotel provided airport pick up and drop off.Ā  Their rooms also have safes where you can keep your valuables.



For the full experience, watch my video below, and please click this link to my YouTube channel to subscribe for more videos. Thanks



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