Diamond Platnumz & Rayvanny Hit With $3,900 Fine Over Controversial Song ‘Mwanza’


Diamond Platnumz & Rayvanny

Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny and their record label Wasafi have been fined 9 million Tanzanian Shillings (which is over $3,900), by Tanzania’s music regulatory board, Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa (BASATA) over their single, Mwanza.


Diamond Platnumz & Rayvanny

According to the board, the song which was recently released by the East African music stars, is inappropriate for public consumption due to its explicit sexual content. On the contrary, the song has garnered popularity since its release. Mwanza currently has over 2 million views on YouTube


BASATA has however issued a ban on Mwanza. The board claimed that the duo were aware of the country’s strict laws around morality before they produced the song.

Head of BASATA, Godfrey Mngereza, together with his board members, on Tuesday summoned Rayvanny to defend his latest record.

In a report, Mngereza said:

“This song isn’t good at all….We even asked Rayvanny in the meeting if he can sing the lyrics of the song before his parents and his answer was no. This is a clear indication that even in the singer’s eyes, the song goes against the morals.” 

BASATA has asked Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny to either edit the song or forget about the song being played in Tanzania.

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