”Marry Me Now SA” – A New Show Where African Women Take Control & Propose To Their Partners


Marry Me Now SA is here and it just might be my new favorite TV show! Ladies, will you propose to your man, plan a wedding and meet his parents in just three days? This is what happens in this new reality television series.

If you thought 90 Day Fiance, The Proposal and all these American television shows was crazy, well get ready because an African version has been introduced.



Marry Me Now SA is hosted by Talitha Ndima and the show features brave South African women who are tired of waiting around for their partners to pop the question.

The bride-to-be has three days to plan her wedding together with a wedding planner with a set budget. Her family and friends and her partner’s family and friends will be informed a day or two before the big event. On the wedding day, the bride (dressed in her wedding gown) will meet up with her partner and then propose. If the groom-to-be says yes, then there will be a wedding.

If he says no, then I guess free cake for all invitees.

The first season of Marry Me Now SA is already airing on 1Magic (DSTV channel 103), and so far I have been able to catch two episodes out of three.

The first episode I watched, featured a young couple named, Dimakatso and Omphile. The lovebirds have been living together for years and even have kids together. The bride (Dimakatso) moved to her partner’s family home a couple of years ago when she lost her mother and has been living with them ever since, without her estranged father and family’s consent.  Dimakatso’s family were very hesitant. They wanted the groom’s family to pay Lobola aka bride price. The bride’s father didn’t even show up to the wedding! The good thing was that, Omphile said yes!


Last night’s episode was a big disaster. Home girl and her boo are both unemployed and to top it off, her partner recently got another girl pregnant. The couple, Sine and Kabelo are in their early 20’s and have been together for 5 years. Both families were not in agreement of the marriage ceremony. The worse part is that, Kabelo declined Sine’s proposal. Regardless, shout out to Sine for being that brave, Lord knows I can never do that!

Will you be watching Marry Me Now SA?








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