Nivea Wins Court Case Against Connie Ferguson

South African actress and businesswoman, Connie Ferguson has unfortunately lost a legal battle against international skin care and beauty brand, Nivea.


Connie Ferguson (Image Credit: Instagam)

Wondering what the case was about? Well last year, Connie’s skin care line was called out by Nivea for copying the packaging of one of their products. Hence, Nivea was of the belief that customers will be tricked into buying Connie’s products instead of theirs.

This week, a Johannesburg High Court Judge, Denise Fisher ordered Connie’s company, Koni International Brands to change the packaging of its Connie Bodycare Men Shower Gel and delete images of the products from signage, websites and social media platforms.

In a report, Denise Fisher said:

A shower gel is of the nature of products that are often the subject of an impulse buy, which has the effect that the chances of error are enhanced. In grabbing at a relatively small purchase, a consumer would be less likely to be overly exacting or discerning in relation to brand and more likely to succumb to immediate impressions

Do you think the judge’s decision was fair?

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