”I Used To Wash Delay’s Clothes” – Afia Schwarzenegger


Can’t we all just get along? Afia Schwarzenegger is spilling tea once again about her failed friendship with Delay. The Ghanaian television personalities who used to be close friends a couple of years ago, now appear to be at loggerheads.


Speaking in an interview on UTV, Afia Schwarzenegger spoke bitterly about how she helped Delay aka Deloris Frimpong Manso during her humble beginnings and that Delay was not the one who discovered her as many people believed.

She said…

“In 2006, I had my own car. When I met Delay I was the CEO of Dolphy Music production. I signed Quata, I used to carry money in my car booth to pay for payola….When I met Delay she was always wearing shirts and trousers, she even said girls who wear spaghetti tops are prostitutes”

She went on to lament about how her then friends did not like Delay’s company because they believed she had no class. Regardless, Afia said she liked Delay because;

” She was determined and had a vision, she was also funny just like me”

The TV star and comedienne also revealed that the reason why she waited for so long before speaking up was because, on the eve of the first shooting of the Afia Schwarzenegger TV series,

”Deloris held my hand and said Moda we have come too far, I will be very hurt if fame comes between us”

”I held on to that word”

Afia has been quoted on a number of platforms saying that Delay has ”used” her. Why does she think this? Well she disclosed that when her husband passed away in South Africa back in 2010, she sold all her property for next to nothing and had relocate to Ghana. She then moved in with Delay.

”I have seen it all, I use to wash Delay’s clothes, I cook and clean before she leaves for work, I was more like a house girl” – Afia Shwazennger said

“I will not lay down my pride for any of those people I have fed, I can go to an extent for you because I love and cherish you as a friend but I am not your slave”.

Hmm what do you think about all this? Should she be spilling theses deets or nah? Check out the interview below:

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