Oh No! Feli Nuna Storms Off Stage After Someone Throws Sachet Water At Her


Feli Nuna (Image via Instagram)

Now whoever did this, well just know that God is watching you! Feli Nuna performed at the Memorial Concert of the late Ebony Reigns over the weekend. Unfortunately her performance did not go as expected as one attendee decided to throw sachet water at her.

Feli Nuna (Image via Instagram)

It all begun when Feli Nuna was seen giving props to dancehall sensation, Stonebwoy. The artist went on to perform her song ‘Love Me Now’ which also features Stonebwoy. That’s when it all went left.

Immediately Feli Nuna started singing the chorus of Love Me Now, out of nowhere someone decided to throw sachet water at her. Fortunately the singer swiftly avoided it. She later cussed at whoever did it and went on with her performance.

Guess the person was not satisfied as another sachet water was thrown at her. This time around it hit her and Feli Nuna decided to walk off the stage.

Peep the video below:

However it seems Feli Nuna has bounced back from the mishap. In a recent Instagram post, the artist shared an image with the caption:

”I Build a fortress with stones you throw at me”


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