When Beyoncé Flirted With Richard Blackwood?


(L-R) Richard Blackwood, Beyonce || Photo Credit: Instagram

Beyoncé may be living her best married life with Jay Z right now but it seems at some point in time of her single life she fancied a dark British hunk.

Dope Black Dads, a podcast featured on BBC 1 Xtra recently shared excerpts from an upcoming episode where Richard Blackwood was a guest. Apparently the British actor received some fiery attention from the Queen Bee back in the day but he just didn’t know how to handle it.

(L-R) Richard Blackwood, Beyonce || Photo Credit: Instagram

During the episode, Blackwood shared:

Ok so this is what I will say and this is being respectful to Beyoncé

”Beyoncé and I, we were friends when the original group was together [Destiny’s Child]. I will interview them as normal like Trevor Nelson and everybody would interview them on MTV, blah blah blah”

“We just became cordial and good friends because we would see each other all the time. We knew each other well through that. Anyway, Jasmine Dotiwala… is the only other person who knows this story fully because it was through Jasmine. “

So Jasmine called me up, I was going somewhere and my friend Daniel was in the car and Jasmine called me up and said “where are you now?

“They were having a party for Destiny’s Child. I can’t remember where I was…I was out of London, I did a comedy gig.”

She goes “can you get down here” and I said “yeah, kind of”

“I wasn’t even going to go.”

She goes “somebody wants you to come here” and I was like who?” and she was like “just come down” and I was like “no, no, no just tell me who” and she goes “Beyonce” and I said “ok I am driving down.”

Unfortunately when Richard Blackwood got to the venue, the superstar singer had left. However something interesting happened later. According to the actor, Beyoncé ended up serenading him at a concert and guess what? Bey even decided to shoot her shot with him.

Check out the video below to find out how he handled the situation:


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