Ex-Wife of Majeed Warris Says The Footballer’s #AFCON2019 Snub Is Payback For Treating Her Badly


Habiba Sinare and Majeed Warris

If you believe in karma, then you just might believe in this story. Majeed Warris, a Ghanaian footballer was recently excluded from the Black Stars Team for the 2019 African Cup of Nations (AFCON).

Majeed’s ex-wife, Habiba Sinare is of the belief that this exclusion is no coincidence, but it is simply as a result of bad karma. Habiba was on local radio station, Hitz FM where she dished out on some of the ill treatments Majeed Warris gave her during their sixteen months of marriage.

“I don’t wish him bad but as I am talking to you today he (Waris) is paying for it…He is one of the people that have gone [to Egypt] and the coach has told him to come back ”

Habiba Sinare who is the daughter of Saeed Sinare, Ghana’s former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and niece of actress Kalsoume Sinare Baffoe, also talked about how Warris comes from a less privileged background than hers and that she did not marry Warris for his money as his family believed.

Habiba also revealed that she settled for the footballer despite her family’s disapproval.

Habiba Sinare and Majeed Warris

“I bleed inside me. I cry inside me. I cry every day, I look at my child and I ask myself if I had followed my family or listened to my family because they wanted me to marry someone else but I trusted this person.” Sinare disclosed.

Habiba also accused the 27-year-old  footballer of placing his extended family’s needs above hers.

Find the interview below:

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