Bozoma Saint John Talks About The Conversation She Had With Her Daughter That Changed Her Life


They say it is not about how hard you fall, but how you get back up. Bozoma Saint John recently opened up about losing her husband to cancer in an ad campaign spotlighting strong and inspiring women.

The Ghanaian-American boss lady who was married to her husband, Peter Saint John for 10 years talked about how she initially struggled with her new role as a single mother and young widow back in 2013.

Bozoma Saint John (Photo via Getty Images)

“When my husband passed away it was unexpected even though he had been diagnosed with cancer… I was struggling with the weight of what it meant to raise my daughter without him, I didn’t intend on being a single mother, I certainly did not intend on being a young widow and that’s when all of the fear hit me at one time” – Bozoma shared

How did the now Chief Marketing Officer of Endeavor handle the situation? Well Bozoma Saint John says she decided to ask for help from the one person she cared and worried about the most, her daughter Lael.

She said:

I was sitting in my bed and my daughter was sleeping next to me so I woke her up. I needed help, I was asking for help from her… ‘you are gonna help me right? You gonna help me raise you, you are gonna tell me everything?… She just looked at me so calmly, she was like ‘okay, that’s okay.’

That little little voice and that little little word, helped with everything.

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