RIP #HodanNalayeh – Tributes Pour In For The Somali Journalist Who Lost Her Life During A Terrorist Attack

Hodan Nalayeh, a Somali journalist and Youtube star recently passed away after gunmen attacked a hotel in Kismayo, Somalia. The activist who made it her mission to dispel the negative narrative told by many international media platforms about Somalia, has had many fans left in disbelief about her death.

Hodan Nalayeh

Last Friday night, a suicide bomber rammed a car containing explosives into the Asasey hotel in the port of Kismayo, and gunmen then stormed the building. Islamist group al-Shabab who later claimed the attack, killed at least 26 people during the incident, including Nalayeh and husband, Farid, Mohamed Omar Sahal (a reporter), a local politician, three Kenyans, three Tanzanians among a host of others.

Hodan Nalayeh who relocated from Canada to her home country, inspired many Somalis in the diaspora to also return. Several peeps have been saddened by her death.

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