Ghanaians React To Duncan Williams Son’s Shocking Visuals

Duncan Williams was trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. The son of the Archbishop and general overseer of Action Chapel in Accra recently decided to put his private parts on display and also make some shocking revelations about his life.

While some peeps are busy battling with revenge porn law suits, Daniel Duncan-Williams also known Dee Wills decided to share his own “home videos.”

One of the videos with the caption “Timeline asleep?” showed him having a threesome with two girls in a pool

Can’t share the visuals here but you may be able to catch it on his timeline.

Daniel who is currently pursuing a music career also went live on periscope to talk about his issues with his father, heartbreak and his wild escapades.

All this happened in the early hours of Tuesday 9 June. This incident has obviously shocked many Ghanaians, since Daniel Duncan-Williams’ father is a well known and respected personality in Ghana.

View his response when a Twitter user prompted him about his dad’s reputation

Check out a few reactions below:

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