“I Have Suffered Enough” – Wendy Shay Walks Out of Interview

It seems Wendy Shay can’t catch a break. The Ghanaian singer is either being trolled on social media or involved in some controversy most of the time.

Wendy Shay (Image via Instagram)

This time around, Wendy Shay is in the news for walking out of an interview. The singer was interviewed today (Tuesday 9 June) on Accra FM by Nana Romeo, the same presenter who recently made headlines after he kicked out musician, Kidi for showing up late for an interview.

During Wendy Shay’s interview, Nana Romeo questioned the Rufftown Records signee about her relationship with her manager, Bullet. Nana Romeo asked Wendy Shay if she was romantically involved with Bullet. As always, Wendy Shay denied the accusation. The presenter then went on to claim that he had proof to back his statements.

(L-R) Wendy Shay and Bullet

This rubbed the singer off the wrong way. The two exchanged a few words and then finally, Wendy walked out angrily claiming that was not the purpose of interview.

“I am not dating Bullet. I don’t know why most of the time when I go for interviews, instead of focusing on issues that will bring progress in our music industry, I get these questions … Let’s focus on my artistry, pushing my brand and Ghana music to the international level. I don’t think this question is professional”

Watch the full interview below:


PS: The questions about Bullet starts at 10:13 timestamp

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