Jessica Nkosi Fires Back At Critics Attacking Her Hairstyle

They say blondes have more fun. Well, Jessica Nkosi can’t get enough of her her blonde hair. The South African actress and TV personality who has been rocking different blonde hairstyles for some months now decided to clap back at critics attacking her hair style choices.

Jessica Nkosi (Image via Instagram)

” I don’t get it… how can you be tired of MY blonde hair. Some people can be so tiring….WTF, you feel the need to inform me that you tired of my hair. As if it’s on your head,”

“There are big problems that you can tackle than obsessing over my hair. ‘I’m sure you have a lot going on in your life sisi, focus on that. Go brush your teeth, say a prayer, go bang your head against a wall! Leave me alone… I’ll pray for you” – Jessica shared on her Instagram stories.

Her life, her rules!

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