Jackie Appiah Granted Restraining Order Against Stalker Fan


Stardom may come with many perks but it also has it’s downside. One celebrity who has been experiencing the latter for sometime now has been Jackie Appiah.

The Ghanaian actress has revealed that there is a male fan who has been stalking her for several months now.

Jackie Appiah seems to have had enough of the man invading her privacy said:

This went on for months, guys, stalking is unacceptable behavior. A restraining order has been issued against him.”



Jackie Appiah shared a video from her Snapchat memories which showed the alleged stalker surprising her while she was on vacation.

In the video the man who claimed to have moved from Kumasi to Accra because of Jackie Appiah, professed his love for the Ghanaian star and also presented her with a fan art.


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