Slum2School Calls for Partnerships as they Launch the First Virtual Learning Classroom to Provide Education for Children in Slums & Remote Communities in Nigeria.


Slum2School, a leading volunteer driven social developmental organization, officially launched the first ever virtual learning studio and program at the Slum2School Innovation Hub located in Lagos State Nigeria, tailored to provide access to continuous learning for current Slum2School beneficiaries and 10,000 children in slums and remote communities.

The Slum2School Virtual Learning Studio/Classroom is a state-of-the-art virtual space for learning where various activity and discussion-based classroom experience can be recreated. It connects learners from several communities and cities who can easily log in concurrently and join real-time, case-based class sessions with their peers, teachers and trainers. It is a powerful innovative learning space not only for the students but the teachers and helps bring a much more intimate, measurable and equitable opportunity for learning.

The launch of the Virtual Learning Program has inspired the campaign geared towards raising funds to support the onboarding of 10,000 children from the referenced communities on to the virtual learning platform, ensuring the continuation of their learning programs as well as various extracurricular programs such as the Slum2School leadership & mentorship programs, guidance & counselling programs, skill acquisition programs and invites various stakeholders.

Various organizations, individuals, media partners, fundraisers, corporate institutions, organizations across various industries, are invited to join in ensuring that these children, especially the most disadvantaged, have access to quality education during the ongoing pandemic and beyond. 

Watch the incredible impact being created for thousands of underserved children through virtual learning: 

Over the past 8 years, Slum2School has remained committed to leveraging technology to provide access to quality education, health care, and a happy community to thousands of children living in slums and remote communities in Nigeria, leveraging various private and public partnerships and a teeming strength of over 10,800 volunteers across several countries to support a wholistic education process for the increasing number of out-of-school-children, particularly children living in underserved, hard-to-reach communities. 

Having virtually connected 948 children from several slums & remote communities to tutors, mentors, guidance & counselling specialists, the newly launched Slum2School Virtual Learning Studio/Classrooms, the first of its kind in Nigeria & Africa, has sparked up a campaign to sponsor and onboard 10,000 children in underserved communities across Nigeria between July 2020 and December 2020. 

The Virtual Learning Classroom is scalable, aids a blended and hybrid learning, is affordable and is truly effective for remote face to face learning.

Having sponsored, mentored and overseen the overall growth and developmental process for over 3,000 children who were previously out-of-school in Nigeria and living in hard to reach communities while impacting a total of over 87,000 beneficiaries through other forms of medical missions and psycho-social support, the newly launched Slum2School Virtual Learning Program, has expanded the definition and reach of digital learning  for Nigeria’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities having provided educational tablets and internet subscription to all current the learners and connecting them to professional tutors and mentors from all industries. 

The goal to on board 10,000 children is geared towards ensuring that the right of every child to education, good health, and a happy connected community is upheld during and beyond a global pandemic, to ensure that the talents of Nigeria’s most precious resource, her children, is nurtured adequately and to ensure that every child regardless of their soci0-economic background, is equipped with all they need to go after their dreams while remaining instrumental to nation building. 

In a statement to the Press, Slum2School’s Head of Operations & Communication, Ruth Ebe, emphasized the collective responsibility it takes from individuals, volunteers, partners within the private and public sector, in ensuring that hope is restored for every child. She invited all interested organizations and individuals to join forces to see that this innovative program is supported, sustained and scaled.

Learn more about the Slum2School Virtual Learning Program:


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