Khanyi Mbau & Lasizwe Mourn The Death of Their Father

Khanyi Mbau and Lasizwe are currently going through some trying times. The South African celebrity siblings recently lost their dad, Menzi Mcunu.

Lasizwe who lost his mother early on in his life, took to social media to express his emotions.

“My last alive parent, my dad has passed on. I am numb and confused! I am shattered!! first my mom now my dad! 

‘”I don’t know how to feel!?? Like how does one say “ My parents are deceased! “ like I don’t have no parents no more. Like they dead

Khanyi Mbau also shared:

“All I ever wanted was to be just like you! REST IN PEACE DAD”

Many fans have also come out to show their support.

May his soul rest in peace.

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