“I Dreamt About Ebony’s Death” – Kaywa


It has been 5 years since the passing of Ebony. However, every now and then interesting revelations about her life pop up. Popular Ghanaian music producer and the owner of “Highly Spiritual Music,” Kaywa recently disclosed how saw the demise of Ebony in his dreams.

In an interview on Joy Prime, Kaywa said:

“What happened to Ebony was not a prophecy, I saw it in a dream. Usually, when I go to sleep, there are many things I see when I woke up, I texted Bullet [Ebony’s Manager] and sent him details which included where I saw my dream. It was very detailed. Until he put out that information, nobody knew I even spoke about it. There were times I will tell them not to go at this time, I will text them and it was a personal thing”

During the interview Kaywa opened up to Roselyn Feli about his gift of being able to see future events. Kaywa spoke about how he would prophesy about Bullet’s career progression during his time at Ruff and Smooth and they all came to pass.

Kaywa also spoke about how he prophesied many great things about Ebony’s career which also came to pass.

On whether Ebony’s death could have been prevented, Kaywa said:

“I have heard many people say they can see but they can’t stop it. Sometimes it is not stopping, sometimes it is just changing the course. When I saw it, I kept telling him to change the course. I remember there were times I texted them and said, the region, that space, you have a lot of calls to go and perform there, don’t go. They kept getting calls and they also were turning down the calls and all that”

“You know she is gone and I want us to respect Ebony. You know she was a very good person and all that”

Watch the interview below:

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