Lira’s Emotional Interview After Suffering A Stroke


This has got to be one of the most emotional interviews I have watched this year. South African songstress Lira, real name Lerato Molapo, suffered a stroke while in Germany last year. This left her unable to speak.

The music sensation was diagnosed with aphasia, a disorder that affects how you communicate, which can impact speech and comprehension.

Lira recently granted her first interview following her stroke attack on 702’s ‘The Upside of Failure’ show with Relebogile Mabotja. The singer was all cheerful and grateful to be alive. She revealed she was initially bothered about her speech impediment and her inability to have conversations but now she says:

“I am very excited because I can speak and I am here to share my story…I get surprised with how much progress I am making and today is a good day.”

On how the stroke attack happened, Lira said:

“I was in Frankfurt, Germany and I was excited about being there, it had been 3 years since I travelled overseas and I was looking forward to being there. I was there on tour. I left 2 days before the show… I wanted to take in the sights and scenes. I had a stroke at about 4:30pm”

The singer who was travelling alone at the time revealed:

“The sensation lasted for about 15 mins, it wasn’t pain, it was an uncomfortable feeling in my head. I walked into a restaurant and I wanted to ask them where my hotel was, I wasn’t lost but I had been walking around, the hotel was nearby. I intended to ask them and my voice didn’t come out. They offered me a seat and a cold drink. I sat down and tried to speak. I had no idea what was happening”

When Lira eventually made her way to her hotel. She called her partner on WhatsApp but not only could she not speak but she couldn’t read nor write. Lira described the experience as a bad nightmare because physically she looked fine.

Lira woke up the next morning and her nightmare still continued.

Lira’s partner informed her manager (Lisa) about her condition who then called the German promoter of the gig Lira was booked to perform for help.

The promoter came in and called the ambulance. Lira said upon seeing the paramedics, she cried.

Lira was then rushed to the hospital where it was revealed that she was suffering from a stroke.

Lira says she was shocked about the revelation. “I am too young to have a stroke.” The singer confessed.

On the bright side, the German hospital staff who attended to Lira assured her of a possible recovery. However she was informed it would take time because she had to learn how to speak, read and write all over again.

Thankfully Lira’s journey has been smooth. Fingers crossed, hope to see her on stage performing soon God willing.

Watch the entire interview below:

Some of the causes of Stroke include:

● High Blood Pressure

● High cholesterol
● Cigarette smoking or secondhand smoke exposure.

● Obesity

● Anxiety, depression and high stress levels

● Family history and genetics
● Cardiovascular disease, including heart failure, heart defects, heart infection or irregular heart rhythm, such as atrial fibrillation.

● Diabetes

● High alcohol intake

There are apparently two categories of stroke:

  1. Those caused by a blockage of blood flow
  2. Those caused by bleeding into the brain.

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